Magazine #5 Inspiration




Sports Magazine Parkour


Creative Magazine Spreads

These three spreads are all different but are similar because they use the same layout or format. These spreads are very inspiring because of the different ways they place headers, decks, text, and pictures, because of that it shows and opens up many ideas to my own spread. After looking at these spreads it gives me more of a drive to try nd create some very readable and legible spreads.


Magazine #1 Theme


League of Legends Tournament

I chose a sports magazine theme but I’m not talking about the sports we all know and love, I’m talking about esports. This will show the top 5 players in the League of Legends Championship Series. These players are going to be based from the north american lcs.

Trade Gothic # 4 Personality


 a variety.

Trade Gothic is that normal person that isn’t to much of anything but can be anything when it wants to be. It can look sharp and bold for business and take a more serous appearance or it can look subtle and regular to blend in with the crowed. Trade Gothic can be very unique because it fits in with most groups.